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This is a resource aiming to provide practical information for colostomates, and to a lesser extent ileostomates and urostomates. It is likely also to be of interest to their families, and where appropriate, to those who care for ostomates.

One of the difficulties experienced by anyone encountering a stoma for the first time, and particularly a patient facing the prospect of having a stoma, is finding out more about it: what it is, what attention it requires, and how it affects normal living. The answers, or at least many of them, are explained in Colostomies and Other -Ostomies, which you may read here, or download to your computer.

Note: If you cannot read the documents downloaded from this website, you can download Adobe Reader free of charge by clicking here.

AdrianSmallThis website is maintained by Adrian March, who was one of the founding trustees of the Colostomy Association, but resigned his position owing to communication difficulties when he moved to France, and accepted in its stead the post of Consultant to the Association. He has had a colostomy for eighteen years, as a consequence of ano-rectal cancer. By profession a consultant in engineering research, he has also for many years, as a tutor of the Amateur Swimming Association and of the National Coaching Foundation, taught and trained teachers in swimming, diving, and aqua aerobics, and lectured to sports coaches on anatomy, physiology, and the technique of coaching children. It will come as no surprise that one of Adrian’s interests is a return to sport and an active life after surgery.

Adrian now lives in the south of France, in Provence, and maintains contact with the Colostomy Association, and with patients who are referred to him, almost entirely via the internet. Happily, the internet also enables Adrian to telephone any fixed line in Europe at no cost, so if you have a query or would like to discuss a problem, call him on +33 (0)494 501 136 and ask him to call you back. Adrian can also be reached by email at adrian@stomadata.com. For those who may be interested, most of the header pictures are of Cap Taillat, on the Mediterranean coast, and the adjacent coastline; the remainder (the rocky ones) are of Les Calanques, near Marseille.

The site is regularly updated, with new items being added and existing ones revised. The whole range of Colostomy Association leaflets is available for download in .pdf form, and a collection of Technical Notes on colostomy maintenance, hernia problems, a range of sports activities, and returning to sport after surgery. Many of the latter have been developed in response to enquiries from colostomates, and others from Adrian’s own experiences.

There is also a sister site, www.stoma.fr, which contains the same downloads as this one, although omitting the Cookery Corner, and is being developed into a bilingual site, with the content being systematically translated to be available in French as well as English. This will inevitably take time, because many of the technical terms do not readily lend themselves to a direct translation, and the English has to be rewritten before it can be translated.  And after that, the best translation can only be achieved in discussion with a native French speaker, to ensure that the French idioms are correct.

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